As a fully qualified clinical nutritional therapy practitioner and nutritionist I can provide you with personalised nutrition support. Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans are tailored to the individual taking into account your dietary preferences and goals rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I take an evidence based approach to nutrition and lifestyle medicine, underpinned by functional medicine, which means clinical recommendations are based on the latest scientific research.

Personalised nutrition is relevant for those looking for support with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, brain health and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis or autoimmune conditions as well as those looking to enhance their health and wellbeing. 

I’ve had further training and am registered and insured to provide you with supplement advice. Where appropriate I can recommend high quality professional level supplements.

A variety of tools are utilised to assess a persons current health status and identify potential nutritional imbalances. Depending on your needs, I’m also able to organise and interpret functional laboratory tests. Tests are used to assess your nutritional status and inform personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your health and wellbeing.  

During appointments I’ll formulate and agree a plan with you which will incorporate both nutritional and lifestyle factors. This plan will be realistic and tailor made to you and your own circumstances to support you in making sustainable changes. My approach is supportive, pragmatic and non-judgemental.

Use this link if you’d like information on my programmes, stand alone offers and pricing.

If you’d like to read my article about what is a nutritional therapist and nutritionist and what do they do you can find it here.

Where to start?

You are invited to book a free introductory ‘can we help’ call with me to see if your needs match with the services I offer.

This is a complimentary telephone call and will generally take around 20-30 mins, a little longer for complex cases. I may ask you to provide me with some brief information in advance to help me maximise the call for you.

At the end of the call you can book in for nutritional therapy or you can take some time to think about it and book later. I may signpost you to another practitioner I feel may be better suited to you or signpost you to your GP. There is no obligation to book following an introductory call, you may decide I’m just not right for you and that’s fine, I just want to help you get the support you need.

Please be aware that I am not able to work with people with eating disorders (as BANT require further training for this) or kidney disease.

More about nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy uses nutrition science to support your health and well-being concerns and performance goals. It is considered particularly suited to those suffering chronic conditions who are looking to optimise their health. Registered nutritional therapy practitioners are able to identify any possible nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. Functional laboratory tests may be used to assess health status and inform recommendations based on your unique biology.

I’m happy to work alongside medical professionals and communicate with other healthcare professionals involved in your care to explain any nutritional therapy programme provided. Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complimentary medicine and not recommended as a replacement for medical advice.