Thank you to all the lovely people that have kindly shared testimonials so others can learn more about the acupuncture and nutrition support I provide, how I work and how it has helped them.
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After having various medical problems my mind and body was exhausted. I went to see Andrea for help (with nutrition) in building myself up and to try and get back to my old self. Andrea was considerate and thoughtful in her approach to me taking time to listen. She gave me suggestions on meals, recipes, relaxation techniques and provided other online nutrition and health resources. After two months of following Andrea’s suggestions my whole body feels better and healthier. I feel I am back on the right road again, thank you.

“Andrea has been a massive support to me throughout my chemotherapy treatment and beyond. She gave me regular acupuncture whilst I was having treatment – it helped me to relax and manage some of the side effects. Later, Andrea supported me with nutrition advice and I have just completed her 12 week course. Andrea created a tailored diet plan for me, which was given with plenty of explanations and advice, so I am very happy with the plan. I would highly recommend her.”

“I have been having treatments with Andrea for 4 weeks now, I have already started to benefit from the acupuncture treatments. My health and well-being have improved so much already. Andrea is very professional and knowledgeable, she has a very kind, compassionate and person centered approach to her work. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. She also offers a consultation prior to appointments so do not hesitate to get in touch with her. Thank you Andrea for all your help and support.”

I have been treated by Andrea for the past three years. Her clinic is a really calm and peaceful space. Andrea is incredibly professional, kind and friendly, always explaining treatments clearly and tailoring them to meet need – varying between moxa, traditional acupuncture, cupping or ear acupuncture depending on the discussions we have had prior to treatment. Sessions are relaxing and have made a really positive difference to my well-being, especially around management of anxiety and stress. Recently, I’ve also been benefiting from Andrea’s Nutritional advice too – we looked at my diet and where I could benefit from different supplements to help with ongoing conditions/issues which have really helped; especially around perimenopausal and anxiety related support. We have regular reviews to see how the supplements are benefiting and Andrea has provided excellent advice about choices providing clear guidance, and they have made a great difference. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

“I recently had a series of acupuncture sessions with Andrea to help manage the stress and pressure I was experiencing at that time. I can totally recommend the treatment and Andrea. The practice was new to me but Andrea went through everything in as much detail as I wanted, answering all my questions and putting me at ease. Andrea was very knowledgeable and explained the treatments and background to the practice. Andrea is a good listener and would always adjust the practice to ensure the best result. The sessions were enjoyable and I felt relaxed and calmer after each treatment. After my series of sessions I definitely noticed an improvement in my ability to handle and cope with the pressure and stress of my life at that time. I would definitely recommend Andrea.”

“Andrea is a kind, friendly and caring practitioner – she made me feel at ease from the moment I started treatment with her. The treatments that I have received from her have varied according to need – acupuncture, cupping and moxa treatments – all based on discussions with her about how things have been since my previous session. Each treatment is explained clearly as to why and how it will help; she also recommends other positive changes that can be made to help improve well-being. Seeing Andrea for treatment has made a definite positive improvement in all areas I have been treated for – especially to help with anxiety and stress. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a practitioner.”

“Can whole heartedly recommend Andrea for acupuncture treatments. I was treated with the sensitivity and kindness and put at ease from the moment I stepped in the doorway. And I even enjoyed the actual procedures! Should the need ever arise again, I would not hesitate in calling Andrea to help me out again.”