Vitamin D plays a key role in maintaining our overall health and well-being contributing to the maintenance of our muscles, bones, immune system, inflammatory response and cell function.

Would like to understand your vitamin D levels and if supplementing is right for you? I can help you with this in a vitamin D check. As part of a vitamin D check I’ll ask you to complete a short health and medication questionnaire so I can personalise your recommendation to ensure it’s appropriate for you. I interpret your test results alongside your completed questionnaire to understand if you would benefit from a supplement.

The vitamin D check is £60 and includes the following:

  • An NHS approved finger prick home test kit for you to complete worth £31.
  • Instructions on how to complete the test and a prepaid envelope to send it to the lab.
  • Assessment of your lab results and short health and medication questionnaire by a Registered Nutritional Therapy practitioner.
  • Where applicable, a personalised Vitamin D supplement dose and brand recommendation along with any cofactor nutrients required to ensure it is appropriate for you.
  • A short 20 minute call or email to provide your information.
  • 10% discount on supplements via the practitioner’s dispensary account.

Payment for the vitamin D check is in advance, once I’ve received your questionnaire and checked this is suitable for you.

Want to get your vitamin D levels tested?

Contact me if you’d like to book a Vitamin D test to understand your levels and if supplementing is right for you, or to find out more.